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Introducing Jackson Chiropractor, Dr. Jake Doster


Dr. Jake and his wife, Hayley

My life growing up was no different than anyone else; although the way I got here was. My mother was told by her doctors that it was a miracle in its own right that I was even conceived, much less carried for 9 months and delivered. She always told me God made me for a reason. As many would, I searched for that reason.

My mother always raised us to take care of our bodies. She was always diligent in driving to Senetobia, MS to visit her chiropractor and used various home remedies and natural treatments to help avoid sickness. Those remedies trickled down to us and I can only recall visiting a doctor’s office once while living at home and that was for a broken collar bone. Through her example I learned that proper prevention could sustain health.

I decided very early that I wanted to become a chiropractor. I had several ankle injuries during high school basketball that caused me to seek treatment from a new local chiropractor. After seeing him for several weeks, I learned that he was interested in hiring a chiropractic assistant. I excitedly jumped on the opportunity! This helped guide my desire to help others through the art of chiropractic.


Dr. Jake and his son, Braylon

I attended the University of Tennessee at Martin and earned my bachelors degree in cell and molecular biology. While in college, my mother became very ill and sought the help of her general practitioner. He assured her that her problem was simply an injury of her muscles and nothing else. As a result, she started seeing the chiropractor that I worked for. After a brief trial of care, he noticed that something wasn’t right and decided to do an extensive exam and workup of her condition. My mother was eventually diagnosed with colon cancer and passed away roughly a year later. I learned a lot during that tough spot in my life. I realized that, as a chiropractic physician, I would have the opportunity to help others just like our chiropractor had helped us. God opened the doors for my way into chiropractic school allowing me to graduate early from UTM

I decided to attend Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, which is annually recognized as having one of the best chiropractic doctorate programs in the country. My time at UTM and days working as a chiropractic assistant prepared me well for the intense task of tackling a year round professional program. I spent many long nights in that library and I’m pretty sure a couple of classmates and I single-handedly kept a local Starbucks afloat.

Now that school is in the rear view mirror, I am excited to help the people of the Jackson/Madison Co. area! My number one goal is to get you the relief that you have been searching for while teaching you that you don’t have to live in pain! I want each and every one of my patients to understand that we were given this amazing machine called the human body and that with proper care we can live life to its FULLEST!



Dr. Jake’s newest addition, Layla Jo

I absolutely adore my family. My wife Hayley and I actually began our relationship in kindergarten at Dresden Elementary School. After 13 years apart, the Lord guided our paths back to each other and we thank him every day for it! She is an amazing singer and a genuinely beautiful person. We have a son, Braylon, who God blessed us with in August of 2012 and a daughter, Layla, who was born May of 2016. I am very busy ensuring they will be  life-long Tennessee Volunteer fans, just like their daddy. We have to start them young, you know.  I love sports in general and have a passion to work with local high school athletes, aiding in injury prevention and performance enhancement. I love to cook. If I weren’t a chiropractor, I would own a BBQ restaurant, no questions asked. I also enjoy bass fishing and going to the lake with my family.

Even though I preach it, I also practice it. I receive regular adjustments from Dr. Steets at the office and do various stretches to ensure spinal mobility and balance. I have currently made it a personal goal of mine to focus on proper eating habits as I believe we only get out what we put in. This can be hard for me…did I mention I LOVE to cook?

That’s my little story in a nutshell. But now I wanna learn about you! Chiropractic care is more advanced now than ever. More and more research is published everyday about the the safety and effectiveness of the care given by chiropractic physicians. I look forward to serving your needs! Today is the day that the Lord has made! Rejoice! Be glad in it!

Dr. Jake

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